CAR CARE - SB CONSTANT – Ceramic Quartz Paint Protection Ultra Hard Forms

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Constant - Ceramic Quartz Paint Protection Ultra Hard Forms, a permanent bond with the surface and will not wash off or break down, are a revolutionary surface protection products, is the ultimate paint protection against environmental hazards. With its unique technology this product creates a thin nano-ceramic coating, which protects the surface from UV rays, scratches, bird droppings, acid rain, and many other airborne contaminants, giving excellent smoothness and shine!

Constant - Ceramic Quartz Paint Protection renders car surface smooth and highly hydrophobic. The result is a strong repellant water, and stain surface for less soiling deposits and staining and easy cleaning.

Advantages of Constant - Ceramic Quartz Paint Protection use:

- Enables you to prevent 70% of light scratches

- Has longer-lasting anti-scratching properties

- Provide permanent ease of cleaning and protection for the bodywork

- Dirt cannot get a foothold on painted surfaces

- UV-resistant

- Cannot be washed off by water, or by alkaline or other detergents

- Durability more 5 years. Enjoy the deep gloss shine that no other product can match. Thanks to Hydrophobic properties your car stays clean longer, less efforts while washing your car.

- Unlike other products in the market you can apply easily without any concerns so you save for the application cost.

Constant - Ceramic Quartz Paint Protection

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PROTECT: 60 + month





Directions for use: Prepare & clean the surface. Shake well. Pour a few drops on the suede wrapped applicator. Apply in criss-cross way panel by panel, a thin layer with applicator on all painted surfaces, chrome, headlights. Leave for 2-5 minutes, depending on the temperature. Then polish with a microfiber cloth. The next layer can be applied after 1-2 hours.

Recommended hand & skin protection. Work in ventilated area. Keep in dry cool place. Keep out of reach of children place.

Max Efficiency:

1] Apply Constant - Ceramic Quartz Paint Protection 9H, in four layers, drying between layers 1-2 hours, to speed drying between the layers can be used IR lamps at 65-75 С about 45-60 cm. from the painted surface for 5-10 min per panel.

2] Apply Elegant Ceramic Quartz Paint Protection Top Coat then also cure with IR lamp.

Important Notes Instructions:

- Wait 1-2 hours before Top Coat can be added.

- full dry time with any water and no rain – 24 hours

- Wait 7 days before first wash.